I Can Do ThIs <3


Dream what you want to dream,go where you want to go, be what you want to be because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do ❤


The value of time


to realize the value of one year ask a student who failed a grade

to realize the value of one week ask the editor of a weekly newspaper,magazine

to realize the value of one hour ask the lovers who are waiting to meet

to realize the value of one minute ask person who missed train

to realize the value of second ask a person who just avoided on accident

treasure every moment that you have ❤


5 tips for perfect selfies

1 Tilt your head at an angle 54eec5bf13937_-_sev-ariana-head-tilt-lgn


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if you want a perfect selfie like models make sure your head is at an angle
this trick will highlight your cheekbones and also make your eyes bigger

2 Find perfect lighting

take full advantage of natural light right lighting makes you look beautiful and gorgeous and your hair super shiny try next to windows in your room or going outside

3 Wearing bold lipstick


Use a lip brush and use the lipstick to outline lips instead of a lip pencil to achieve a more natural pout  you can wear minimal or no make-up if you wear an amazing lipstick Use matte lipsticks to get a longer-lasting pout

3 Switch up your filters

filters make your selfies a beautiful and warm look try different filters i usually recommend instagram filters

4 Hold the camera above your head


holding camera above your head will give you slimmer look and give opportunity to show off your cute outfit

5 Find perfect pose


find best pose that makes you feel hot no matter what the situation is


in the end i just want to say don’t take it too seriously

First blog post

Hi i am yusra 19 years old i am a medical student

i am a girly girl love to shop makeup clothes selfies etc  like every girl do

i want to share my ideas my experience of life and everything with the world

this is my very 1st blog and i am so glad about this 🙂

read my blog and enjoy it it will make me happy thanks ❤

follow me back beautiful people

love yusiFirst blog post