First blog post

Hi i am yusra 19 years old i am a medical student

i am a girly girl love to shop makeup clothes selfies etc  like every girl do

i want to share my ideas my experience of life and everything with the world

this is my very 1st blog and i am so glad about this 🙂

read my blog and enjoy it it will make me happy thanks ❤

follow me back beautiful people

love yusiFirst blog post



Fake Friends

I am here sitting alone in my dorm room so many thoughts in my mind right now.My life is so messed up I’m surrounded by fake people they came to me when they need a favour and i don’t like being used again.I also act fake when they’re surrounded by me coz i have to spend my time with them.

 No real best friends are here for me to whom i share my thoughts and how my life is so stressful.But now I’m used to it and i don’t care if someone is with me or not.

Some say money can buy happiness yes definitely it can..You can go to shopping go to fancy restaurants buy expensive makeup clothes and shoes everything you like.But it can’t buy you love and friendship…


Girly Problem Get Ready In 2 Minutes


when i am home i wear all my makeup perfectly ❤ but when i go outside to college or any where else i only have 2 minutes to get ready  to put all makeup and everything is messed up specially When you try to even out your winged eyeliner and it just takes over your whole face and you end up looking like a panda


When i was in high school my dream was to become a dentist.So after high school i gave my Etea(medical entrance test) which i failed badly I was so depressed because my dream was to become dentist.My all friends were in good colleges i felt like i’m useless.After then i applied to private medical college and they called me for interview i was so happy for my selection…SO i learned one lesson NEVER LOSE HOPE NEVER GIVE UP NEVER STOP BELIEVING IN YOUR DREAMS BECAUSE MIRACLES DO HAPPEN…4fee3e5edb08ee9add3fe73d1d58718b--hipster-humor-cool-fonts

Freedom of A Girl

facebook-friend-request1 A girl sending u a friend request does not means she is interested in you


2 When a girl is alone it’s not opportunity its responsibility


3 A girl could go out to party and get home late do not assassinate her character


4 Are you a virgin? Have you asked that to any man? Then don’t question a girl morality


5 When a girl shares her past does not means she is a slut.Stop judging.It means she trusts you.Value it


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How to Shape Your Eyebrows


1 Use a pencil or makeup brush to find a perfect shape for your eyebrows 

2 Hold your tool parallel to the side of your nose.This is where your eyebrow should begin

3 Hold your tool in diagonal from where your nose ends.This is where eyebrow should end

4 Hold your tool in diagonal from the top of your nostril.This is where your eyebrow should arch 

5 And you are done 🙂